US Debt Crisis – 2012 is only for America

I think it’s going to affect everyone in the world! What is going to happen in the world in US, Europe, and China are pretty much the same. We cannot avoid it. But we can play along with it and observe what you can benefit from it.

World in US, Europe, and China are pretty much the same. We cannot avoid it. But we can play along with it and observe what you can benefit from it.

If you really pay attention in the video when it talks about “Inflation + Recession.” Inflation happens when you feel that the prices of goods and commodities become more and more expensive. This is because the value of the currency is weakening.

In order to solve Recession, government has to create jobs. So the government has to borrow money from the Fed (US Treasures has to issue IOU as collateral to the Fed). So the Fed print more paper currency out of thin air and give the money to government with Interest and then jobs are created. This means debt gets bigger and bigger, more and more currency circulates, and the inflation get worsen.

In the video also shows that US Debt is $ 14 trillion, and that Debt equal to the National GDP. But what I think it is more than that amount mentioned. Most governments in all countries never tell the truth.

So what do you think? Is your money (I like to call it toilet paper, sorry…) you save in the bank plus interest can save you from the Inflation? Perhaps, you are thinking that your savings + interest can overcome the rate of speed of inflation. Guess what you will go bankrupt if you think this way.

2012 is coming. It’s President’s election year. I don’t think the elected President is going to say “sorry guys we are bankrupt because we have too much Debt.” Instead, the president, will borrow more currency (that damn FIAT Currency) and the Debt becomes ultra big.

This moment, the crisis, or what ever you want calls it, a wealth transfer is happening. And it’s been going on already without you knowing it. I would suggest to do some research, and find out what you think is good for your investment.

Like Larry Bates, in his book The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America (1998), said, “wealth is not destroyed, it is merely transferred”

This is only my opinion. I am no financial nor investment guru. I am not endorsing any financial institutions what so ever. You can believe me or not is entirely up to you.


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